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Hey everyone, again!

I know, two announcements in one day! Crazy, huh?

Today, marks the day of the new Official MineCentral Store coming out of maintenance mode and becoming known to the world, and we are super excited! Our new store now has a fancy new rank comparison chart, new above banners which display information of the category you're looking at, and more!

Go and check it out now at , but that is not all.

All prices on MineCentral Store have been reviewed and edited, and ALL RANKS ARE NOW CHEAPER THAN before! These prices will not change unless we think it is necessary if any new big features or servers make an appearance.

Rank Price Changes:
VIP: $12.99 > $6.99
VIP+: $24.99 > $13.99
MVP: $36.99 > $24.99
MVP+: $45.99 > $32.99
All prices are excluding VAT charges, visit...


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Hey everyone!

The past month of MineCentral has been really productive, with MassivePvP being a success to us now being able to develop a new and exciting gamemode for you all to enjoy, which will be announced very soon! But for now, we have our topvoters of MassivePvP to honor today!

These votes are from 1st August 2022 to 1st September 2022.

  1. xiiHeroman - 34 votes - Rewards: $20 store voucher + 10 tokens
  2. oJayie - 16 votes - Rewards: $10 store voucher + 6 tokens
  3. Koy_loves_skie - 4 votes - Rewards: $5 store voucher + 3 tokens

All your in-game rewards have now been applied.

For all your store codes, they will be sent via our Discord Support System. To join our discord, click here. Once in our discord, create a support ticket with us to gain your store voucher code.

You have 21 days to use...

MassivePvP Release - 15/08/2022

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MassivePvP Release
Today marks the release of our MassivePVP gamemode. this gamemode has many unique features compared to a normal KitPvP. Some of the features for our MassivePVP are listed below:

  • Unlimited Diamond Gear:
    • You have unlimited access to diamond gear by clicking item frames in our spawn.
    • You also have access to unlimited Golden Apples, Bows, Arrows & the hourly God Apple.
  • Free God Apple every 1 hour:
    • Players can claim a free god apple every 1 hour as mentioned above.
  • Emeralds:
    • Emeralds are the main currency of MassivePvP.
    • You can gain emeralds by fighting players which has a 30% chance to drop an emerald at each player's location.
    • Emeralds are used to exchange for XP, repair items at the anvil & more.
  • Anvils:
    • In spawn you will find Anvils to repair your...