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Welcome to MineCentral! [UNDER DEVELOPMENT]


Network Owner
Hey everyone!

Welcome to the begin of MineCentral!

I am pleased to announce that everyone is currently able to sign up to our website, and keep updated in this forum for more updates & progress. I can also announce that YouTube, Twitch & Moderator applications are all now open! You can head here and take a look at the requirements & formats you'll need to use.

Let me answer some frequently asked questions:

What is happening with the server?
As you may have seen from the title, the website, server network & API's are all under massive development as this point in time. The maps, structural engineering is all complete, we just need to work on small issues/bugs and small parts that do a big deal in our network. When the network does release, it'll release on the address which you guys can go and save in your multiplayer list, but again, nothing will show until the near future. Our plans for the network, website & more are no where near completion. Don't get me wrong, but you can expect the server soon, but updates & new features will be constantly added throughout 2022.

Will you have a status page to view server statistics?
Yes, of course. Once completed, you will be able to view all server statistics from ping, their current live status and also any maintenance we're planning.

What systems for cheating players have you got in place?
We have a custom anti-cheating software installed on all of our servers under our network. This is a big project me and my team have been working on recently. The anti-cheat software will be capable of picking up cheating, exploiting players within seconds. Please do understand, this anti-cheat will be a self-learning system which we can also manually edit/change over time. We will make sure it's up to standard upon network release.

What changes will be expected on the website in the near future?
Short answer, a lot! We are already planning new website systems and features right now, even while I am typing this announcement. These will include Minecraft account integration, username change and the option to edit your own profile avatars automatically!

That's all for now, thank you for taking the time to read the messages regarding these topics. We will update you more in the future when we have something exciting ready for you!

Thanks for reading.

Tom - Network Server Owner & Head of Operations.