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Network Owner
Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know. I would like to thank everyone for the continued support while me and our team build our network, and bring it life. I have thrown together a little update announcement, which can read below! Enjoy!

When is the server releasing?
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have pushed back our January release to 15th March 2022. You can expect to join and play all games available by this time. We understand this has been a shock to some people to add a few months onto the release, but we would rather have everything in place & installed correctly to avoid any disappointing errors or bugs that may occur in our site or network.

MineCentral SMP:
You may have seen rumours or hints to us creating an SMP for players to play on. Well, yes, this is true. This SMP server will be available only to ranks MVP & above.

Now, you can enjoy the living life of Minecraft 1.18 & upwards on MineCentral. You can build, play, and do amazing things with our SMP server. Here is a list of features below:
  • MVP & upwards may join the MineCentral SMP.
  • You may purchase access to the SMP server via MineCentral's Store.
  • You may build, protect and upgrade your land, tools, gear and items.
  • Play with friends by teaming up with them to create your biggest Minecraft inspirations.
  • Player vs Player has been permanently disabled to allow a clean & peaceful environment.
  • Other players may not build in the area you have protected. (Maximum protection for now is 200x200 blocks)
  • You have the ability to set homes for easier access to different areas. (MVP: 5 | MVP+: 10)
  • Maximum of 100 players on the SMP at one time. If this needs to be increased, we will add extra servers for other people to join on.
  • You will have a choice of teamed advancements or player-based advancements upon joining.
  • Certain farms will become available to you when you level up in SMP.
  • If you have any ideas, let us know here.
Let me clarify some of the information points above. As stated, only players ranked MVP & upwards may join the SMP but you may purchase access to the SMP via our Store. It is pretty much the same as having your own single-player world, no border, unlimited area to explore & multiple farms to access to help you, and the ability to play with friends with cool addons installed, all created by us! Other players and their teams cannot build or destroy anything in your protected area, and if you choose, they may not enter either. Customization for a SMP has never been so detailed! MVP & upwards have access to set multiple homes at certain areas, except the farms which you will access via our pre-built spawning island.

MineCentral's SMP is going to be a big hit to our network, and we are sure you guys cannot wait to play it. Earn, create, build & explore with friends on our new MineCentral SMP releasing 15th March 2022.

New Server Logo & Icon coming soon
We have hired a professional graphical designer to create us something more reasonable & more pretty of a server logo, and icon too. As soon as we have the images to share, keep updated here and on our Twitter page also.

Thank you for reading these updates, and we cannot wait to open our doors on the 15th March 2022 and welcome you all, to a new Minecraft Server Network.

Tom - Server Network Owner.