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Hey everyone, welcome back to a new update!

Today, we have a lot to talk about... the future of MineCentral, the current games and modes, the store and MORE! So let's get straight into it...


Releasing Monday 15th August, 2022: 3pm GMT+1

Introducing, MassivePvP. This gamemode basically carried me through my childhood years. Many hours spent playing this gamemode, it became a very fun and interesting mode. A few members of our Discord will certainly remember this gamemode, and I am thrilled to be bringing it to MineCentral.

With free diamond gear, you head out into a PvP map and fight players, gain levels, XP and more! Firstly, teaming is ALLOWED. Collecting emeralds, will allow you to use them to repair your favourite gear, and exchange them for EXP, which can purchase you new enchantments!

- Drop Party:
In the center of the spawn (as you may see by the forum banner), you'll find the Drop Party. The Drop Party can be activated every 1 hour, with it needing a minimum of 5-10 players online (depending on server volume).

- Free Items!
You will also find item frames with all your free diamond gear in, bows and apples, including the God Apple. The God Apple can be claimed every 1 hour from this item frame.

Players can also claim a free kit every 120 seconds, found near the front of the spawn. This will give you pre-enchanted armour, which can still be upgraded via enchantment tables.

- Duels
Duels, is a big thing in MassivePvP. If you're wanting to fight a friend, using your own inventory you can use /duel <player> to start a duel. You can also add items to the duel, which the winner will take all!

- Shop & Tokens
There is a /shop in the MassivePvP server, only accepting our very own custom currency, tokens. You can gain tokens by levelling up, or by voting for the server in game. Just use /vote whilst in the MassivePvP server.

Unfortunately, with effect of immediately, Central Isles and The Rampage have been removed from the network. These gamemodes took the most maintenance, and with the small team we currently are, it was too much to keep on top of. We may re-add them at some point, but for now they're removed from the network.

All support channels and forums blocks have been removed for regarding these servers, and will not be re-activated unless the gamemode makes a return.

We believe that our time and dedication should be on the more popular games on our network, as well as gamemodes that are easier to keep on top of for a team of our size. We are always looking for new staff members, so if you're interested please apply via 'Moderator Applications' section on the forums.


Previously, we only allowed members of our in-game network to create an account with us on the forums. From today, we will be rolling out a website update which will disable this feature and allow all members of our server, discord and visitors to create a forum account with us.

This will not affecting /link in game, using this command will still link your account regardless of creating your account here, or in game.

Thank you for reading this new update, and we can't wait to see your reactions to our new gamemode, MassivePvP!

Tom - Server Network Owner.
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