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Hey everyone!

The past month of MineCentral has been really productive, with MassivePvP being a success to us now being able to develop a new and exciting gamemode for you all to enjoy, which will be announced very soon! But for now, we have our topvoters of MassivePvP to honor today!

These votes are from 1st August 2022 to 1st September 2022.

  1. xiiHeroman - 34 votes - Rewards: $20 store voucher + 10 tokens
  2. oJayie - 16 votes - Rewards: $10 store voucher + 6 tokens
  3. Koy_loves_skie - 4 votes - Rewards: $5 store voucher + 3 tokens

All your in-game rewards have now been applied.

For all your store codes, they will be sent via our Discord Support System. To join our discord, click here. Once in our discord, create a support ticket with us to gain your store voucher code.

You have 21 days to use your codes, after this your codes will be invalid and will no longer work, so use them whilst you can!

All store voucher codes can only be used on your account, meaning all purchases will go directly to your IGN listed above. We do not do transfers, nor will we allow you to split the code and share it with friends. The code is strictly yours and can only be used under your username.

The rewards for September will be the same as this months, and all votes in-game have now been reset.

NOTE: Whilst our store in still in maintenance mode, all codes timers are suspended until the work is complete. After this, is when your code timers will begin to countdown.

We hope you're enjoying the server, thanks for playing on MineCentral

- Tom