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Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing okay. Today we have a special announcement to make, we have finished Full Development on The Rampage! This server has took our team weeks and a lot of effort to get this out for near-release. All the huge features of this server will be posted below, so make sure to keep reading. I just want to finally say that The Rampage WILL remain in BETA longer than other gamemodes/servers, as this is a server that was very complex to make, and we want to make sure ALL bugs and exploits are eliminated.

What is The Rampage?
I am so glad you asked! The Rampage is a fast paced gamemode. To keep it short and sweet, you spawn with a Sword, Bow & Arrows and jump into the Rampage hole to fight! Kills will gain you apples to consume in the map to boost your health to keep going! Once you die, you will respawn instantly with a repeat of the gear you had, and go again! As you progress, you unlock new features and items/perks accessible via the NPCs in the spawn.

Progress is found by fighting other players to gain kills, assists, streaks and more! Each time you kill a player, you'll gain XP which is added to your total to your next level. Currently in The Rampage, the max Level is 120, with the max Prestige at 35. But believe me, it'll take a very long time to reach max level & prestige!

As mentioned briefly above, as your progress in The Rampage, you have access to certain perks. In total, you currently have 3 perk slots to assign a certain perk to. These perks are all custom and vary from +2 Health, to Spawn with a Fishing Rod. You can assign up to 3 perks as your progress, unlocking other perk slots as your level increases. You can also find random coins on the floor, from kills and assists and events!

All your statistics in The Rampage are recording and accessible via the Statistics NPC found in spawn. Here, you will be able to see all your statistics within The Rampage. You can even find statistics regarding your arrows hit, shot and more!

This is just the beginning of what The Rampage can offer, so continuing reading!


Yes, you read that right. Events. We are pleased to announce we have added custom events into The Rampage. These events will start randomly, with it either being a MINOR event, or a MAJOR event. Minor Events will give out mini rewards and fun-to-play events, whereas Major Events are a bit more hands on. Read blow to see what each event is, and what it does:

Keep in mind, the Rampage map has 4 key places within it. Lava, Farm, Forest & Village.

Minor Events:

  • Double Trouble!
    • This is a double XP & Coin reward event that can be found in any location on the map! For example, the Event may be in the Farm area, which means any XP or Coins you earn from this area will be doubled while the event is active.
  • King of the Hill:
    • When this event activates, players will have the chance to battle for the top spot in this event. You longer you stay on the platform, the more rewards you will receive.
  • Bounties for All:
    • Everyone in the server will get a Bounty of 100 Coins! Each player that has a bounty will have a Aura on them which states how much killing them is worth!
  • Care Package:
    • This event will spawn a random care package in one area of the map. It's your job to find the care package and click on it as many times as you can before other players do!
  • Quick Maths:
    • Solve the equation in the chat to receive a reward. The server will allow 5 players to receive rewards for the correct answer.
Major Events:

  • Thanos:
    • One random player in the server will be selected to become Thanos. If you are selected, your health will be increased to take hits of other players. When Thanos is killed, the player who got the kill will become Thanos. And so on, until the event ends.
  • Team Deathmatch:
    • Clue is in the title! Team Deathmatch will split all online players into two teams, RED v BLUE. The team with the highest amount of Team Kills at the end of the event is the winner!
  • The Rampage:
    • This event is our most proud by far! The Rampage will lock spawn exits, and only allow you to jump down into the Rampage hole, where all players are caged in. Small area, increased health for everyone, and swords, what could go wrong? There is a minimum amount of kills that all players can reach to get a reward bonus at the end of the event.
Cool right? There is so much more stuff to list, but we would rather let you see it for yourself. Releasing with Global Server Release.
Thank you very much for reading. Remember, when you are allowed access to this server, any bugs should be reported instantly by using /report in-game or by reporting them here.

Isaac - Server Administrator
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