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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is okay and doing fine!

I am proud to announce a huge update to the network already, with our new logos! As you can see above, our new logo is now live and is looking amazing. A huge thank you to the Digital Arts Team for creating this logo, we are all very happy with it.

We have also released the icon for the network too, which you may view below:


Cool, right?

We thought so too.

MineCentral BETA:
I was personally thinking, that we can open a BETA server for players with any rank to join a few weeks before launch. We aim to do this for eliminating bugs early release, to ensure a smooth release is promising when releasing to everyone. If you would like to be part of the BETA, you may purchase a rank here. Please note, that ranks purchased during the BETA stages WILL BE permanent and will still have it when the server releases to the public.

Any Twitch/YouTube ranked members, you will chosen at random to join the BETA. Unfortunately, as there is now a few of you, we can only allow so many to join the BETA. If you want, you may ask the Admin Team who is allocated on the Twitch List.

As you may see above, the server limit is currently set to 500. We aim to increase this limit once the BETA has ended, and will update you all to what the new network limit will be. If the BETA is also struggling to connect players into lobbies or proxies, we will add more to accommodate.

This was only a short update, but just wanted to keep you all up-to-date!

Thanks for reading.