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MassivePvP Release - 15/08/2022

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MassivePvP Release
Today marks the release of our MassivePVP gamemode. this gamemode has many unique features compared to a normal KitPvP. Some of the features for our MassivePVP are listed below:

  • Unlimited Diamond Gear:
    • You have unlimited access to diamond gear by clicking item frames in our spawn.
    • You also have access to unlimited Golden Apples, Bows, Arrows & the hourly God Apple.
  • Free God Apple every 1 hour:
    • Players can claim a free god apple every 1 hour as mentioned above.
  • Emeralds:
    • Emeralds are the main currency of MassivePvP.
    • You can gain emeralds by fighting players which has a 30% chance to drop an emerald at each player's location.
    • Emeralds are used to exchange for XP, repair items at the anvil & more.
  • Anvils:
    • In spawn you will find Anvils to repair your items. Clicking on an anvil with a damaged item will repair it for 20 Emeralds.
    • You can repair multiple items at one time at any anvil.
  • EXP Exchange:
    • You can exchange 1 Emerald for EXP in spawn using the emerald blocks.
    • You can get a random amount of EXP with each exchange you make.
  • Enchantments:
    • Clicking on any enchantment table will open a menu listing all items in your current inventory.
    • After selecting an item to enchant, you can add enchantments to your items for a EXP Level cost.
  • Drop Party:
    • In the center of spawn, you will see a beacon, this beacon is the Drop Party.
    • The Drop Party requires a minimum of 5 players to be online before it can be activated.
    • Any player can activate the Drop Party.
    • The Drop Party will last for around 1 minute.
    • It can be activated every 1 hour, as long as there is a minimum of 5 players online.

Bugs & Issues:
Any bugs or exploits should be reported to the team as fast as possible. Anyone caught exploiting bugs without reporting them will be removed from the network.
You can report issues and bugs in our discord here, or report them on the forums here.

Network Bug Fixes & Changelogs:
  • Fixed a grammar error with the voting messages sent once a player had voted.
  • Voting is now supported on all servers:
    • MassivePvP rewards:
      • Tokens
    • Lobby rewards:
      • Mystery Boxes
    • Duels:
      • XP
    • BedWars:
      • Coins
  • Staff members now have a dedicated forum to read up on Staff Rules, their commands and punishments they can use. We hope this aims to add a smoother moderation process.

We are not uploading any images of the maps or features, we want you to try them out for yourself! Go and take a look at We hope to see you there!

- oJayie - Head of Administrators

Special Mentions:

Development: @TommyCentral @oJayie @Mario
Building: @sqdboys
Moderation Team: @DreamPVP @Tvson
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