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Welcome back everyone!

Today, at exactly 3pm GMT time, our network will be released into BETA. We have been working hard continuously to bring you this BETA access with multiple new updates, changes and more! First, we would like to thank all members of our discord server that signed up to our BETA program, all of you received your 'BETA' roles in the discord server and will keep them until we eventually remove them (if we remove them). Even though people signed up to BETA, we have decided to release the network to all players and members, to give us a bigger insight to bugs, feature suggestions & better accessibility. We thank everyone who signed up to our BETA, and your roles will continue to stay. Anyway, lets get into the major stuff!

‚ú¶ Central Isles:


Finally! Central Isles is being released into this BETA. There is so much do, collect and gain in this server. You can build, mine and farm your way to being an Isles champion. Currently, there are 3 isles:

Central Cave: this is the main hub/spawning area. You can access the bank, storage, auction house and many more here. In this cave, you will also find access to your private land, and a portal to the next isle...

Spider's Cove: the spider's cove is an area to find Slimes, Skeletons and of course, Spiders. You can also gain really strong armour here by slaying the Tarantula's at the top of the cave. You can mine gravel, gold and diamonds here too! You may also find the portal to the next isle...

Nether Isle: (this isle maybe renamed in the coming days) the nether isle is by far the most dangerous and at the same time best place to be to obtain the current best in-game armour. You will find Magma's (including Superior Magmas), Flame Throwers and Nether Protector's here.

We are already planning 3 new isles to be added into the game after we are satisfied all bugs, errors and issues are resolved within the current isles. We are also looking for suggestions of what isles should be added next, so please make sure to post your suggestions HERE.

Your action bar shows you your current health, armour & XP. You can view all your statistics in game by using your 'Isle Menu' which is found at the end of your hotbar. In your Isle Menu, you will also find crafting recipes, boosters, storage and more!

Your Private Land can be visited anytime by using the portal in the Central Cave. You can also speak to a bunch of NPCs located around each isle.

A list of useful commands include: /help, /recipes, /discord.

Any suggestions, please use the 'Suggestions & Feedback' section of the forums.

‚ú¶ BedWars:

Our team has been really busy over the past months tying to perfect BedWars, by removing exploits for numerous versions, fixing all small issues that impact ganeplay and more! But today, we are please to announce that BedWars has officially has it's biggest update yet!

Solos & Doubles: we have added 5 new maps to the Solos & Doubles gamemodes, with map improvements, fixes and more!

If you find any exploits or bugs, please report them instantly in our discord or via our forums.

BedWars Game Selector:


You can now select what gamemode and map you'd prefer to play by using the NPC in the spawn. They will send and connect you to the next available game with your selected modes & maps!

‚ú¶ Network Fixes & Changelogs:

  • BedWars lobby has been changed and updated.
  • Fixed an issue where players were receiving the wrong URL from using /link.
  • You can now use /link and create your forum account directly from the server without having to use email verification.
  • All ranks have had multiple updates to their perks and features.
We will add more as the BETA continues, so keep reguarly checking back here for updates, as well as our discord server HERE.

As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback, suggestions on our network. It helps us to become bigger, better and more up to date with everything we offer!

‚ú¶ Special Mentions!

@oJayie, @Timo, @Superbility, @TommyCentral, @MineCentralDevTeam
Build Team: @TheManyPeopleWhoArentOnTheForumsYetLOL, @sqdboys, @MineCentralBuildTeam
Media Team: @Tvson
Moderation: @MineCentralAdminTeam

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