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Duels - New Lobby, Kits & MORE!


Network Owner

Hey everyone!

We see alot of players are enjoying the BETA, so we thought we'd make it even better! Today, marks the day of a huge update for Duels. We have introduced many new features, and we can't wait to hear your feedback for them.

We wanted to make sure we caught majority of the known issues, which is why with Duels we have introduced many new systems. Some of these systems you will be able to see for yourself, and others are backend systems that only the Admin Team can use and see. We're hoping these new mechanics will be more suitable for Duels, as well as eventually each server that we release and update on MineCentral.

✦ New Lobby:


Welcome to the new lobby! There is so much to do here! Firstly, we would like to start with the main features, listed below:

  • Fishing is now added into Duels. Fishing in the nearby rivers, you can now fish out XP.
  • This has been added as a way to killing time if you're waiting for someone to finish a duel, or if you're just wanting some extra XP.
  • You cannot catch normal Minecraft Vanilla items, we have disabled them. Let's be honest... not really you can do with a fish in Duels, right?
  • You are spawned with a free fishing rod in the middle of your hotbar.
Quick Modes NPC:
  • To the left of where you spawn, you will now see a new 'Quick Modes' NPC. Using this NPC will allow you to jump into your favourite Duels kit without having to move much!
  • You can also still use the NPC's on the podiums.
Multiple new NPC's for each kit:
  • As you may see in the image above, there are now multiple NPC's to connect you to the selected kit.
  • Sumo arena's will be coming in the next few weeks.

✦ Lobby Duel Arena:


You can now have mini-fights in this lobby arena! All you need to do is run up the stairs and cross the red line, it will push you into the map and swap your inventory to the fighting inventory, but don't worry, when you leave your inventory will be set back to normal. Here is all the newest features:

New features:
  • Automatic respawning when you are slain.
  • Auto-changing inventories entering and leaving the mini-fighting area.
  • Earn extra XP in this area when slaying other players.
  • Slain players are put back to the spawn and a lighting strike will hit their last death location.
  • Players are now given Protection 1 Chainmail armour in the area.

Recent Duels bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players would be spawned into the arena without their duelling partner.
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking on some blocks would spawn mobs inside the arenas.
  • The server will now automatically kill any 'dark-patches' created by insufficient lit areas.

So, this is just one of the many updates we have planned, so stay tuned for more! Any suggestions can be made on the forums or in our discord!

Thank you for all the recent support.

Tom - Server Owner.