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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the site. Today we have a huge list of bug fixes me and team have been working on and making the server a better experience upon release. But first, there is a few things to discuss.

Releasing Date:
We have previously mentioned that our releasing date for BETA Testing was 15th February 2022. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. We have pushed back the BETA Testing period to 1st March 2022 due to multiple reasons. The main reason for this is that fact of there is currently a lot to make sure is 100% right before releasing, even in BETA. We do not want BETA Testers having a terrible time on our network due to bugs and errors, hence this post to just show many bugs we have actually fixed just over a 2 day period. (Spoiler, there's a lot).

MineCentral SMP:
I have previously spoken about MineCentral SMP before in past posts, but today I can confirm that MineCentral SMP development is well underway and will be releasing 15th March 2022. We have an entire team working on this part of the server, as this project is possibly the biggest so far that MineCentral has taken on. This is and will always be a very complex server, and our team is working very hard to make this an amazing experience.

Central Prison:
Today, marks the day that development on Central Prison has been temporarily stopped. We will no longer be taking suggestions, support or questions regarding this server. We have removed it from the network.

Bug Fixes:
Now, enjoy all our hard work of catching bugs!

BED WARS: (v1.0)
  • Fixed an issue with maps loading with missing chunks.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs only allowing you to join games once.
  • Fixed an issue when players would not teleport back to the lobby spawn point after their game had finished.
  • Fixed multiple grammar issues on image boards, menus and messages.
  • Fixed a MAJOR issue with tab names showing full team names instead of abbreviations.
  • Fixed any store ranks overriding the tab list when in a game.
  • Fixed a minor issue where shields would appear on 1.9+ clients.
  • Fixed an error were broadcasts were sent into game servers causing chat flood.
  • Removed the Chat Bot from listening for listed words from players.
  • Fixed an issue were different language supports would not change messages.
  • Fixed an issue were falling in the void would not kill you.
  • Fixed an issue with your level not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with night vision effects blocking forward view.
  • Fixed the issue of launching pads throwing you upwards randomly.
  • Removed 'glitching' 1.12+ client blocks.
  • Fixed the game menu showing the wrong data.
  • Removed all mobs and tools used to gain Mystery Dust.
  • Fixed an issue with Mystery Vault showing incorrect vault amounts.
  • Removed the duplicate Mystery Dust on scoreboards.
All done for now! There will be multiple bug fixes very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for understanding our current situations regarding server releasing times. We are still on schedule for a full release on 15th March 2022.

Thank you for reading this update and fixes post.
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