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Welcome to MineCentral! [UNDER DEVELOPMENT]

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the begin of MineCentral!

I am pleased to announce that everyone is currently able to sign up to our website, and keep updated in this forum for more updates & progress. I can also announce that YouTube, Twitch & Moderator applications are all now open! You can head here and take a look at the requirements & formats you'll need to use.

Let me answer some frequently asked questions:

What is happening with the server?
As you may have seen from the title, the website, server network & API's are all under massive development as this point in time. The maps, structural engineering is all complete, we just need to work on small issues/bugs and small parts that do a big deal in our network. When the network does release, it'll release on the address which you guys can go and save in your multiplayer list, but again, nothing will show until the near future. Our plans for the...