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Updates and COOL NEWS!

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Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know. I would like to thank everyone for the continued support while me and our team build our network, and bring it life. I have thrown together a little update announcement, which can read below! Enjoy!

When is the server releasing?
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have pushed back our January release to 15th March 2022. You can expect to join and play all games available by this time. We understand this has been a shock to some people to add a few months onto the release, but we would rather have everything in place & installed correctly to avoid any disappointing errors or bugs that may occur in our site or network.

MineCentral SMP:
You may have seen rumours or hints to us creating an SMP for players to play on. Well, yes, this is true. This SMP server will be available only to ranks MVP & above.

Now, you can enjoy the living life of Minecraft 1.18 & upwards on MineCentral. You can build, play, and do...

Happy Holidays, from MineCentral!

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Hey everyone!

I hope you all have had a pleasant Christmas & Boxing, and now it's very close to the new year! 2022 is going to be a big and major year for MineCentral, especially in the inspect of multiple releases and updates we have planned. Even though the server is not yet complete, we are still planning future updates for our network.

Updates so far!
We have managed a few amount of updates so far, since our last post. We managed to get our store up and running, status page is now live and working, and all lobbies have been configured and appropriate protocols have been installed.

An update for the website. When you are creating a post/thread on our forums, and accidently press back or close the tab (yes, I have done this multiple times now :p) it will create a draft for up to 5 hours and keep what you typed so far. Cool, huh?

We also announced Zombielands, a Zombie-featured gamemode where you can upgrade, loot and fight dungeons with your friends or the community...

Welcome to MineCentral! [UNDER DEVELOPMENT]

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the begin of MineCentral!

I am pleased to announce that everyone is currently able to sign up to our website, and keep updated in this forum for more updates & progress. I can also announce that YouTube, Twitch & Moderator applications are all now open! You can head here and take a look at the requirements & formats you'll need to use.

Let me answer some frequently asked questions:

What is happening with the server?
As you may have seen from the title, the website, server network & API's are all under massive development as this point in time. The maps, structural engineering is all complete, we just need to work on small issues/bugs and small parts that do a big deal in our network. When the network does release, it'll release on the address which you guys can go and save in your multiplayer list, but again, nothing will show until the near future. Our plans for the...