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Hey everyone, welcome back to a new update!

Today, we have a lot to talk about... the future of MineCentral, the current games and modes, the store and MORE! So let's get straight into it...


Releasing Monday 15th August, 2022: 3pm GMT+1

Introducing, MassivePvP. This gamemode basically carried me through my childhood years. Many hours spent playing this gamemode, it became a very fun and interesting mode. A few members of our Discord will certainly remember this gamemode, and I am thrilled to be bringing it to MineCentral.

With free diamond gear, you head out into a PvP map and fight players, gain levels, XP and more! Firstly, teaming is ALLOWED. Collecting emeralds, will allow you to use them to repair your favourite gear, and exchange them for EXP, which can purchase you new enchantments!

- Drop Party:
In the center of the spawn (as you may see by the forum banner)...

Duels - New Lobby, Kits & MORE!

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Hey everyone!

We see alot of players are enjoying the BETA, so we thought we'd make it even better! Today, marks the day of a huge update for Duels. We have introduced many new features, and we can't wait to hear your feedback for them.

We wanted to make sure we caught majority of the known issues, which is why with Duels we have introduced many new systems. Some of these systems you will be able to see for yourself, and others are backend systems that only the Admin Team can use and see. We're hoping these new mechanics will be more suitable for Duels, as well as eventually each server that we release and update on MineCentral.

✦ New Lobby:


Welcome to the new lobby! There is so much to do here! Firstly, we would like to start with the main features, listed below:

  • Fishing is now added into Duels. Fishing in the nearby...


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Welcome back everyone!

Today, at exactly 3pm GMT time, our network will be released into BETA. We have been working hard continuously to bring you this BETA access with multiple new updates, changes and more! First, we would like to thank all members of our discord server that signed up to our BETA program, all of you received your 'BETA' roles in the discord server and will keep them until we eventually remove them (if we remove them). Even though people signed up to BETA, we have decided to release the network to all players and members, to give us a bigger insight to bugs, feature suggestions & better accessibility. We thank everyone who signed up to our BETA, and your roles will continue to stay. Anyway, lets get into the major stuff!

✦ Central Isles:


Finally! Central Isles is being released into this BETA. There is so much do...