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Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing okay. Today we have a special announcement to make, we have finished Full Development on The Rampage! This server has took our team weeks and a lot of effort to get this out for near-release. All the huge features of this server will be posted below, so make sure to keep reading. I just want to finally say that The Rampage WILL remain in BETA longer than other gamemodes/servers, as this is a server that was very complex to make, and we want to make sure ALL bugs and exploits are eliminated.

What is The Rampage?
I am so glad you asked! The Rampage is a fast paced gamemode. To keep it short and sweet, you spawn with a Sword, Bow & Arrows and jump into the Rampage hole to fight! Kills will gain you apples to consume in the map to boost your health to keep going! Once you die, you will respawn instantly with a repeat of the gear you had, and go again! As you progress, you...


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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the site. Today we have a huge list of bug fixes me and team have been working on and making the server a better experience upon release. But first, there is a few things to discuss.

Releasing Date:
We have previously mentioned that our releasing date for BETA Testing was 15th February 2022. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. We have pushed back the BETA Testing period to 1st March 2022 due to multiple reasons. The main reason for this is that fact of there is currently a lot to make sure is 100% right before releasing, even in BETA. We do not want BETA Testers having a terrible time on our network due to bugs and errors, hence this post to just show many bugs we have actually fixed just over a 2 day period. (Spoiler, there's a lot).

MineCentral SMP:
I have previously spoken about MineCentral SMP before in past posts, but today I can confirm that...


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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is okay and doing fine!

I am proud to announce a huge update to the network already, with our new logos! As you can see above, our new logo is now live and is looking amazing. A huge thank you to the Digital Arts Team for creating this logo, we are all very happy with it.

We have also released the icon for the network too, which you may view below:


Cool, right?

We thought so too.

MineCentral BETA:
I was personally thinking, that we can open a BETA server for players with any rank to join a few weeks before launch. We aim to do this for eliminating bugs early release, to ensure a smooth release is promising when releasing to everyone. If you would like to be part of the BETA, you may purchase a rank here. Please note, that ranks purchased during the BETA stages WILL BE permanent and will still have it when the server releases to...