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Discord Rules

Our Discord Server Rules

1. No swearing in global messaging.
2. Do not advertise other servers/networks in our Discord. This also includes private messaging any member of our server.
3. BOT threats are not permitted.
4. Do not purposely play extremely loud sounds through your microphone in voice calls/chats.
5. Do not use bot commands in the wrong channels.
6. Do not disrespect other members of the community.
7. Any kind of Discrimination is not allowed on our Discord.
8. Do NOT flood our global chats with spam or repeated messages. This includes Discord, Website & Server.
9. Any form of NSFW content is not allowed to be posted ANYWHERE within our network.
10. Do not ping Moderators or Admins for no reason. They are very busy keeping our network safe and enjoyable.

Last updated: 19/01/2022 20:37pm